Justine Black, Director of Digital Learning


Tina Martinez

Student Instructional Technology Specialist

Tina Martinez Is a senior from Waynesboro, Pa studying Secondary Education Social Studies. She plans to complete her degree in December 2020. In Fall 2017, she began working as a Student Instructional Technology Assistant at Juniata College, under the supervision of Justine Black. She currently works with Justine Black and professors to create online curriculum for Juniata College graduate and undergraduate programs.

Tina is also currently working as a Universal Cheerleading Association staff member, assisting in teaching summer cheerleading camps for high schools. In fall of 2016, she joined the Waynesboro Area Senior High cheerleading coaching staff as a volunteer coach. She is also a four-year member of Juniata College’s cheerleading team, where she was a Student Athletic Advisory Committee member from fall 2018 to fall 2020.


Fisher Stroud

Video Production Team Student Manager

 Fisher Stroud is a senior from Washington, D.C. with an individualized POE in Multimedia Production and Analysis. Fisher joined the Video Production Team in Fall 2017 and became the Student Manager in Fall 2019.

The Video Production Team is an on-campus video production resource that supports students and faculty in digital scholarship. Fisher meets and collaborates with Juniata professors, students, and clubs on on-campus promotional and informational video projects, and oversees videos through all stages of the video production process.