Veritas Liberat

Official Motto of Juniata College: 

            Veritas Liberat is the official motto of Juniata College. The motto was revealed and adopted on October 25, 1902 by then president of Juniata College, I. Harvey Brumbaugh. The college was still holding on to some of the Brethren Church’s ideals, one of which being the avoidance of symbols and vanity, until the late nineteenth century. As the twentieth century dawned, the college started to become more secular and wanted to adopt more official symbols that separated themselves from the Brethren Church. It was revealed in tandem with the new seal, pin, and flag. I. Harvey Braumbaugh is credited with the creation of all four of these pieces of Juniata history. Roughly translated as “the truth sets free,” the phrase is based on a Bible passage in the Gospel of John, Chapter 8: Verse 32, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” While presenting the importance of knowledge, the motto being based on a bible passage is likely a result of the college’s Brethren roots. The actual use of the motto is primarily through the official Juniata College seal where it surrounds an open book. The phrase is not often used outside of this context. However, because it is part of the seal, it can be found across campus wherever the seal can be found.


Gregory McDorman, Jr. ‘17



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