A number of persons have helped make this encyclopedia project possible.

Provost Emeritus Jim Lakso who gave Dr. Tuten the ‘go-ahead’ to pursue this as part of his duties as College Historian.

The staff of Beeghly Library cannot be thanked enough for contributions under their own names and for all the hours assisting the other contributors in research. In addition, conversations with John Mumford, Andy Dudash, Julie Woodling and Jacob Gordon have been instrumental in producing the list of entries and in thinking about sources. Jan Hartman, College archivist, has played a large role from the earliest plans for the JCE. She has been a true partner in this process. They all know Juniata’s history, preserve it, and teach it.

David Sowell graciously agreed to continue the JCE as part of our Sophomore Colloquium course which has helped expand our content at the expense of many hours of his time.

Heather Kleber not only contributed to the JCE as an author but is serving as assistant editor.

Madison Caso served as assistant editor during the 2016-2017 academic year.  

Additional thanks must be given to the Huntingdon County Historical Society and Margaret Skrivseth, its Executive Director, who so graciously provided several images that are displayed on the site.

During the 2021 semester, I4I students Kady Lohr, Jamel Foster, Cindy Chen, Bassirou Diakhoumpa, and Theodore Weinberger developed the current site using Omni CMS under the guidance of Adam Steele (Systems/Web Programmer) and Dr. Jim Tuten (Professor of History). They were responsible for designing the site, building pages, and uploading content using the Modern Campus content management system.