Here at Juniata College, the IT110 course is an exciting and different type of course. At present, there are several main themes or tracks that have been developed – Business, Bioinformatics, Environmental, and Computer Science. In truth, these tracks will continue to develop – as you are part of the development! The goal of the redevelopment is NOT to develop distinctly different courses, but rather to develop variations of the course that may be intertwined.

The overall goal of ALL tracks is to provide the student with a basic introduction to technology. The goal of the individual tracks is to illustrate the notion that technology has and will continue to permeate all aspects of society. Given this, it is desirable to have the students from each track develop a basic familiarity of the following technology concepts:

  • Introduction
  • History of Technology/Computing
  • Introduction to Computing
  • Networks
  • Web Development
  • Databases
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Current & Emerging Technologies and Issues

The above concepts will be presented in module format to each section. Variations based on the theme or track of each section will then exist within each section.

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