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Periodic Table +

Procedural Labs

Accuracy and Precision / Teacher Notes

Boyle's Law_Lab / Teacher Notes

Chromatography_Lab (Paper and Radial)/ Teacher Notes


Endothermic vs Exothermic Reaction_Lab / Teacher Notes

Flame Test_Lab / Teacher Notes

Isotopes of Pennies_Lab / Teacher Notes

Law of Conservation of Mass / Teacher Notes

M&M's® Half Life Simulation / Teacher Notes

Microdensity of Plastics_Lab / Teacher Notes

Mixtures and Compounds_Lab / Teacher Notes

Mystery Solutions / Teacher Notes

ph of Household_Lab / Teacher Notes

ph Testing_Lab / Teacher Notes

Red Cabbage_Lab / Teacher Notes

Who Dun It?

Resources and Activities

Issues, Evidence, and You: A Mystery Game

Molecular Motion Kit

Periodic Table Game

Properties of Matter Experiment Books

Earth & Space Sciences


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Hubble Space Telescope

Star Chart

Sun Viewer (NASA Space Weather Media Viewer)

Procedural Labs

Gas Emission Spectra / Teacher Notes

The Solar System: What is Your Universal Address?

Star Party / Teacher Notes

Study the Sun / Teacher Notes

Resources and Activities

Catastrophic Events Experiment Books

Parts of a Telescope


Procedural Labs

Earthquake Resistant Structures_Lab

GPS Finding Your Way_Lab / Teacher Notes

Fossils and Geological Time (Revised)/ Teacher Notes

Compass: Get Your Bearings_Lab

Plate Tectonics_Lab / Teacher Notes

Rocks ID_Lab / Minerals ID_Lab / Teacher Notes

Soil Erosion_Lab / Teacher Notes

Starlab Geology_Lab / Teacher Notes

Streams and Erosion_Lab

Resources and Activities

Catastrophic Events Experiment Books

Drift Globes

Demo Kits:
Converging / Diverging Boundaries


Procedural Labs

Air Mass and Convection_Lab / Teacher Notes

Why Clouds? / Teacher Notes

Resources and Activities

Catastrophic Event Experiment Books

Is it Hot or Just Humid in Here?

Wireless Weather Station


Procedural Labs

Ocean Circulation Currents_Lab / Teacher Notes

Mapping the Seafloor_Clay Extension_Lab

Mapping the Ocean Floor / Teacher Notes Revised '11

Starlab Ocean Currents_Lab / Teacher Notes

Resources and Activities

Ocean Currents PowerPoint presentations (classroom/starlab)

Teaching Tanks

Environment and Ecology

Procedural Labs

The Berlese Funnel (Revised)/ Teacher Notes

Determining Soil Texture by Three Methods

Enviroscape Model with Topographical Maps

Kill-a-watt_Lab / Teacher Notes

Owl Pellets

Physical Properties of a Stream

Porosity of Soils_Lab / Teacher Notes

Stream in a Bucket_Lab / Teacher Notes

Watersheds with Topographical Maps

Whats the Dirt on Soil_Lab / Teacher Notes

Resources and Activities

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Environmental Videos

Exploring Groundwater

FOSS: Mono Lake Lab -- the elements of an ecosystem

Pennsylvania Trees and Forests / Teacher Notes New '11

Populations and Ecosystems

A Tree Tells Its Story / Teacher Notes New '11

Trouble in Fruitvale: pH testing

Life Science

Procedural Labs

Strawberry DNA extraction

Born Fighters_Lab / Teacher Notes

Bottle Aquarium_Lab / Teacher Notes

Starlab the Cell

Comparing Plant and Animal Cells

Contagious Town Meeting_Lab / Teacher Notes

Effects of Chemicals on Daphnia_Lab / Teacher Notes

Effects of Osmosis on an Egg

Finding the Optimal Salt Concentration For Hatching Brine Shrimp Revised '11

Insect Biodiversity

Internal Guests of Termites_Lab / Teacher Notes

Introduction to Microscopy with Microviewers

K'nex DNA

Lactose Digestion_Lab /Teacher Notes Revised '09

Leaf Chromatography / Teacher Notes Revised '11

Light Intensity and Photosynthesis

Measuring Plant Transpiration_Lab / Teacher Notes

Mysterious Disease: Cholera Epidemic / Teachers Notes Revised '09

Natural Selection in Pastel Dragonflies

Natural Selection in Woolyboogers_Lab / Teacher Notes

Observing Water Transport in a Celery Stalk

PA Animal Tracks_Lab / Teacher Notes

Population Estimate by Random Sampling_Lab / Teacher Notes New 2008

Symmetry in Biology/ Teacher Notes Revised 2008

The Hand_Lab New 2008

Teeming with Life_Lab / Teacher Notes New 2008

Genetics: Turkey Trouble Generation I and II / Teacher Notes Revised 2008

Resources and Activities

Classification of Life

Digital Stereo Dissecting Microscopes

Flower Model Activity Set

Germination Activity Set

National Park Flash Card Lab

Roots Activity Set

Teaching Tanks

Visualize the Animal Cell

Visualize the Ear

Visualize the Eye

Visualize the Eye: Advanced

Visualize the Heart

Visualize the Plant Cell


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Vernier Video Physics

Procedural Labs

Bell Jar Vacuum Pump / Teacher Notes

Conceptual Graphing of Speed and Acceleration

Gas Emission Spectra

Light, Lenses,and Mirrors / Teacher Notes Revised '11

Magnetic Field / Teacher Notes

Measuring g of Free Fall Using the Picket Fence Method

Ripple Tank / Teacher Notes

Simple Circuit / Teacher Notes

Resources and Activities

2 L Bottle Rocket Launcher

Energy, Machines and Motion Unit Experiment Books (simple machines, pulley lab, building batteries, force of friction, do gasses have density)

K'Nex Intro to Bridges

Optics Bench Set

Pulley Demonstration

K'Nex Roller Coaster Science

Various Physics Demos