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Animal Histology

Staining Vertebrate Animal Tissue

Vertebrate Animal Tissue Structure


Stones and Bones / Teacher Notes

Antibodies and Antigens


Stan's Salad / Teacher Notes

Aquatic Testing

Fecal Coliform in Water

Stream in a Bucket / Teacher Notes

Bacterial Morphology & Cultures

Bacterial Cultures

Bacterial Inhibition: Antibiotics & Antiseptics / Teacher Notes

Identification of Unknown Bacteria: "Rancid Rhino" / Teacher Notes

Pure Culture Techniques

"The Sizzler" Population Counts

Bacterial Morphology

Gram Stain

Motility Determination


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Procedural Labs

Bacterial Transformation: pGlo / Teacher Notes

Cancer Gene Detection / Teacher Notes

DNA Extraction: Wheat Germ / Teacher Notes

DNA Profiling / Teacher Notes

GMO/PCR / Teacher Notes

PCR K'nex Building Set

Pressures Underfoot / Teacher Notes

Protein Electrophoresis / Teacher Notes


Epidemic Spread / Teacher Notes


Procedural Labs

Cat Genetics

Human Chromosome Spread

A Study of Alcaptonuria / Teacher Notes

Genetic Activities 

Create a Baby Lab

Genetic Disorders and Oral Reports

Human Traits

Murder and Genetics

The Pedigree Song

Personal Traits 

Polygenic Traits and Pennies

Protein Synthesis and Words

Where's the Cat?

Human Physiology

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3D Brain

Procedural Labs

Blood Typing

Kidney Diffusion / Teacher Notes

Nervous System/Brain Comparison / Teacher Notes


Spirometer / Teacher Notes


Effects of Drugs on Daphnia / Teacher Notes

How to Use the Compound Microscope / Teacher Notes

Microscopic Measurement

Observing Plasmolysis in Elodea through Digital Microscopy / Teachers Notes

Plant Physiology

Fluorescence of Chlorophyll / Teacher Notes

Plant Stomata / Teacher Notes

Proteins & Enzymes

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Procedural Labs

Catalase / Teacher Notes

Lactase / Teacher Notes

Terrestrial Ecology

Bird Lab

Termites and Protists / Teacher Notes

Owl Pellets

Study Skins

Study Skulls



Diffusion Through Membranes / Teacher Notes

Effect of Temperature on Respiration / Teacher Notes

Enyzme Action: Catalase / Teacher Notes

Kidney Diffusion / Teacher Notes

Limitation to Cell Size: Surface Area / Teacher Notes

Monitoring EKG / Teacher Notes

Respiration of Sugars by Yeast

Stream Anaylisis Stimulation