Jazz Band

         In the winter of 2003, Latten recreated the Jazz Ensemble program. For a number of years it performed under the direction of M. Dan Yoder. The Jazz Band consists largely of students in either the Wind Symphony or Concert Band. The Jazz Band performs three concerts a year, including an outdoor one held in Kennedy Plaza during the Liberal Arts Symposium.


         Additionally, Latten created a percussion ensemble, which performs with the Concert Band, Wind Symphony, and Jazz Ensemble. The ensemble also gives solo performances, incorporating diverse elements into them such as “Impressions of Magnetic Resonance” in 2006.  The piece, rather than being a standard percussion affair, took place in almost total darkness and was performed in surround sound.

Honors Ensemble

         Commonly performing in conjunction with the Wind Symphony and Orchestra are the Honors Ensembles. These Honors Ensembles consist of a Brass Quintet, a Woodwind Quintet, a Saxophone Quartet, and a String Quartet. The Honors Ensembles are largely student run, with members selecting and practicing music independently. In addition to performing during normally scheduled concerts, the Honors Ensembles perform at the Liberal Arts Symposium in the spring.


Aaron Zack ‘17



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