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            The JC Track and Field program is one of the oldest and proudest sports programs at Juniata College.  In 1904 the first Juniata Track and Field team competed against Susquehanna University starting Juniata’s intercollegiate sports history and a rivalry that continues to this day.1  In 1916 Juniata sent its Track team to the Penn Relay Race Carnival for the first time where they finished fourth out of eight teams.2  At the time the head coach was Professor J.C. Stayer an alumni and former runner who held the 220-yard hurdles record.3

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           In 1978 the first women’s Track and Field team was formed at Juniata College. Two years later due to requirements from Title IX it became a varsity sport and since then Juniata has had both a Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Program.4

           The Juniata College Track and Field Program has grown and evolved over the years with many coaches giving leadership since J.C. Stayer and today the team is coached by Jon Cutright who began as an assistant in 1994.  Three years later Coach Cutright moved up to head coach where he has been since.  Cutright graduated from Ohio University in 1992 and received his Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration from the same University in 1993.5

            To highlight some of the differences in the program from its start until today below are the records from 1917 and 2013.  Notice the addition of events such as the 5,000 meters, 10,000 meters, 3,000 meter Steeplechase, Javelin throw, Triple jump, and Decathlon.  Notice that in 1917 the events were measured using the Imperial system in contrast to today where the Metric system is employed.  Today many meets use Fully Automatic Timing which is much more specific and reliable than the hand timing of the early days of the program and visible on the record lists below.  With that in mind the records from 1917 are still impressive by today’s standards.

            One of the reasons Track and Field is such a beloved sport is the fact that you can compare any two athletes from any time or place. Something made quite apparent by looking at the Juniata Track and Field Program’s history. As one of the first sports at Juniata College, Track and Field has had a long and strong run, one that looks like it will continue for many years to come.


Stephen Park '15

1917 Men's Records6:

- 100-yard dash: N.J. Brumbaugh, 10 sec.
- 220-yard dash: S. Emmert, 22 1-5 sec.
- 440-yard dash: E. Zuck, 53 sec. 
- 880 yard run: L. D. Norris, 2 min. 6 2-5 sec. 
- One-mile run: L.D. Norris, 4 min. 51 1-5 sec. 
- Two-mile run: L.D. Norris, 1 min. 4 1-5 sec. 
- 120-yard hurdles: L.S. Knepper, 17 3-5 sec.
- 220-yard hurdles: J.C. Stayer, 27 3-5 sec.
- Broad jump: I.E. Bigler, 22 ft. 3 ½ in.
- High jump: C.C. Wardlow, 5 ft. 8 1/2 in.
- Pole vault: D. Dehringer, 10 ft. 3 ¾ in.
- 16-lb. shot: H.C. Swigart, 37 ft. 7 ½ in.
- 16-lb. hammer: H.C. Swigart, 122 ft. 10 in.
- Discus throw: E.H. Landis, 106 ft. 8 in.

2013 Men's Records7:

- 100 meter dash: Randy Anderson, 10.73
- 200 meter dash: Randy Anderson, 21. 77
- 400 meter dash: Timothy Breya, 48.84
- 800 meter run: Tripp Rudolph, 01:55.07
- 1,500 meter run: Ceth Parker, 03:56.38
- 3,000 meter run: Ceth Parker, 08:41.42
- 5,000 meter run: Ceth Parker, 14:31.08
- 10,000 meter run: Matthew Bailey, 31:59.30
- 110 meter hurdles: Dusty Lehr, 14.62 
- 400 meter hurdles: Bob McNelly, 52.67
- 3,000 meter steeplechase: Justin Fritzius, 09:30.69
- Shot put: Gino Perri, 15.11m
-  Discus throw: Gino Perri, 47.36m
- Javelin throw: Gino Perri, 67.18m
- Hammer throw: Ryan Johnson, 46.15m
- High jump: Fritz Bayer, 2.06m
- Long jump: Matthew Booth, 7.11m
- Triple jump: Eric Biddle, 14.78m
- Pole Vault: Bob Zimmerman, 4.48m
- Decathlon: Dusty Lehr, 6477pts.

2013 Women's Records8:

- 100 meter dash: Shalen Perehinec, 13.82
- 200 meter dash: Evelyn Edwards, 28. 42
- 400 meter dash: Caitlyn Pingatore, 01:05.43
- 800 meter run: Katrina Woods, 02:24.00
- 1,500 meter run: Katrina Woods, 04:48.28
- 5,000 meter run: Katrina Woods, 17:55.76
- 10,000 meter run: Caroline Morgan, 38:46.30
- 110 meter hurdles: Angela Shaffer, 15.52 
- 400 meter hurdles: Angela Shaffer, 01:10.17
- 3,000 meter steeplechase: Courtney Peterson, 12:25.42
- Shot put: Chelsey Beaver, 11.31m
- Discus throw: Chelsey Beaver , 31.06m
- Javelin throw: Kylie Berrena, 30.81m
- Hammer throw: Melissa King, 38.10m
- High jump: Angela Shaffer, 1.63m
- Long jump: Angela Shaffer, 5.12m
- Triple jump: Angela Shaffer, 10.51m
- Pole Vault: Lauren Taylor, 2.91m
- Heptathlon: Angela Shaffer, 3778 pts.

Men Track Field Team
1915 Juniata College Men's Track and Field Team


2013 Men Track Field Team
2013 Juniata College Men's Cross Country Team



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