Planning for Course Registration and Academic Advising during Orientation

New students attending Juniata College participate in one of our Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) programs prior to their first semester of enrollment. During Orientation, students will meet with an academic advisor to select courses for their first term. We hope you find the following information helpful as you prepare for your academic advising appointment.

Before you come to Orientation, we encourage you to think about your academic plans for your time at Juniata:

Connect, Engage, Discern

Juniata College students design their educational path to explore, discover, and achieve personal and professional goals. As you imagine embarking on this journey, consider the following questions:

  1. What topics and courses do you enjoy most?
  2. What topics and courses or areas of study do you hope to explore?
  3. Do you have specific academic and/or career goals?
  4. Would you like to study abroad or away from campus? Do an internship? Engage in mentored research?
  5. What co-curricular activities do you hope to pursue? Are you a student-athlete? A student interested in participating in concert choir, orchestra, or theatre productions? A student who plans to be heavily involved in student government or another student organization? Keep these interests in mind as you schedule your classes.

Prepare for Course Registration

To get started, watch this short video of pre-Orientation advising tips.

Then, prior to attending Orientation, develop a list of potential courses that you would like to take in your first semester. This list will be the starting point of your course registration process at Orientation. Student Orientation Leaders and your Academic Advisor will review your interests with you, and assist you in completing the course registration process. As you build your course list, consider choosing courses with various goals in mind:

Program of Emphasis (POE) -- If you have identified a POE or broad area of academic interest, you may choose introductory courses that begin to fulfill POE requirements:

Juniata Curriculum -- Along with POE courses, you will take courses that will contribute to your liberal arts education and provide opportunities to explore other ways of knowing, understanding, and exploring yourself and the world. In your first semester, these will include:

  1. First Year Composition (FYC) (3 credits)
  2. First Year Foundations (FYF) (1 credit)

NOTE:  If you are a transfer student with first-year writing credits, your transcript will be reviewed to determine your First Year Composition equivalency.   

Exploration and Fun! As you think about courses you would like to take, it is helpful select different types of courses. Build into your list courses that match your academic goals, courses that you believe will challenge you, and courses that seem interesting and fun.

Building a Schedule

To look up courses, make selections, and see how they fit in your week, use the Class Scheduling Assistant. Be sure you select the schedule for the upcoming semester. You may look at course offerings by using the Department Search drop-down menu or by searching on a variety of other categories.

If a course has prerequisites listed on the description, it means that you must complete those other course(s) before you can register for this particular class.

To use the Scheduling Assistant tool, choose “Add Course” underneath a specific course. That course will be added to a weekly view of your selections on the Class Scheduling Assistant. Please note: You are NOT registering for courses in the Scheduling Assistant. It is just a helpful tool to use to see how your courses fit into your schedule.

Other Considerations

  1. Be mindful of how many credits you want to take in your first semester at Juniata College. Most new students take between 12 and 15 credits. You must enroll in at least 12 credits to be considered a full-time student for the purposes of financial aid and intercollegiate athletics. However, you should average 30 credits per academic year in order to meet the 120-credit graduation requirement in four years (eight semesters), which works out to 15 credits per semester.
  2. If you are a transfer student or earned college credits while in high school, please review these Transfer Student Guide.
  3. If you are interested in studying a World Language (which we highly recommend), please use our online assessment tool before Orientation. This will ensure that you are correctly placed in the sequence of courses. Print the results page for your records. If you are starting a world language for the first time, choose the first course in the sequence.
    • The password is WLC2019. It is case-sensitive.

Final Thoughts

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the Juniata community! It is an exciting moment of transition and we look forward to beginning our journey together. As you prepare to join us, develop a list of questions you would like to have answered. If you have any questions prior to Orientation, please contact QUEST at 814-641-3150 or