We represent the student body & vote on important issues.

Senate is a body of 31 students who serve as the legislative arm of Student Government. The group consists of the four class officers of each class, three minority representatives, ten CIS (common interest sector) representatives, a representative from residence life on campus, and a representative from JAB (Juniata Activities Board).

Senate meets biweekly to discuss and vote on a variety of issues, from club policy, to the allocation of the budget. The Executive Board facilitate these meetings through setting an agenda, proposing legislation, and recording votes. The President of the Executive Board Serve as its Chair.

Cis Reps on the Senate also serve on the Accountability Board which is chaired by the Exec Board Vice President and is charged with approving new RSOs which are then voted on by the full senate, as well as maintaining RSO accountability.

Club treasurers are also selected to serve on the allocation board, which directly funds approved requests for under 750 dollars, or makes recommendations to the senate concerning requests for over 750 dollars. They also comprise a recommended budget for the following year which is presented to the senate by the executive board. They do not serve on the senate.

2017-2018 Senate Members

  Policy Representatives

policy rep-keyana zellers

Keyana Zellers

policy rep-emily dowler

Emily Dowler

policy rep-vidal glassman

Vidal Glassman 

policy rep-rian fantozzi

Rian Fantozzi

policy rep-haley lederer

Haley Lederer

policy rep-kayla shellenhamer

Kayla Shellenhamer


JAB rep-hillary grove

Hillary Grove

JAB rep-eddie almaraz

Eddie Almaraz


SAUR rep-faith nichols

Faith Nichols

SAUR rep-iyesha foster

Iyesha Foster 

SAUR rep-jack walker

Jack Walker 

SAUR rep-antonio reyes

Antonio Reyes 

SAUR rep-catherine witteman

Catherine Witteman 

SAUR rep-pixie estrada

Pixie Estrada

SAUR rep-gerdley michel

Gerdley Michel

Projects Committee

projects committee-emily dowler

Emily Dowler

projects committee-taylor hallabuk

Taylor Hallabuk

projects committee-mario garcia

Mario Garcia 

projects committee-jackson hoch

Jackson Hoch

projects committee-grace lewis

Grace Lewis