Clubs (Registered Student Organizations

Student Government oversees all RSO registrations and re-registrations. We collect the activity fee you pay each year, a portion of which is distributed to registered student organizations. Below, we've outlined the process for starting a new RSO at Juniata.

Starting a club at Juniata is easy to do! You need to get nine people to join your club, as well as a faculty/staff advisor. After gaining interest, you'll need to justify the creation of your club to the Accountability Board and then get Senate's approval. After it's approved by Senate, it's an official RSO. At that point, the officers of the club are entitled to training and resources from OSA (Office of Student Activities).

But first, check and see our existing RSOs!

Clubs & Organizations


Step 1: Plan Your RSO

Planning your club is the most important part of the process. There are a few beenfits to becoming and official RSO including the ability to apply for funding through Student Government, the use of college facilities and vehicles, conducting approved fundraisers, advertising on campus, and applying for a campus e-mail account and website. You need to get nine people to join your club, as well as a faculty/staff advisor. Below are a few things to think about when planning your club:

    • How is this club different from other RSOs on campus?
    • What is the mission statement of this club/organization?
    • Which pre-existing RSOs on campus are similar to the club that you wish to form?
    • Have you met with these pre-existing clubs in efforts to collaborate or incorporate your ideas with their club? Why do you need to form a separate RSO?
    • What fundraisers would you plan to support your club financially?
    • What type of community service/philanthropy do you intend on doing?
    • Explain how you will market your club to other students.
    • What types of events would you plan for campus and community outreach?
    • How does this club fit and uphold the moral and ethical values held by Juniata College as found in the school mission statement in the Pathfinder?


Step 2: Register Your RSO

Whether you're an existing club that needs to re-register, or a new club that is registering for the first time, below you'll find links to our online forms.


Step 3: Request Funding

All RSOs are entitled to request funding from Student Government. Below you will find some of the most commonly-used forms. There are additional finacial forms on the Student Government forms page.